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This should have been about graphics assets

When I am starting to make a game I always start with designs I like to design characters and other assets I will need in game. So this post should have been about various aspects of designing a game object. But as I started I found  out that I don’t remember a single thing about Blender. Not long time ago I was able to model  everything I was able even to make animations and add skeletons to my designs. But I forgot everything .  I don’t especially like this part of game development but I was able to do it . But after I opened Blender nothing was there and I mean nothing.

So last couple of days I was watching tutorials for beginners on how to model and apply textures and so on . Here is link to YouTube , I like most Blender Guru . There are plenty others , so just watch what suits you better. During thinking about this post one thing occurred to me,  graphic isn’t first thing I do , when developing game. First I decide what game I am going to make and that’s what  this post will be about.

Clash of Clans !  I would like to make game that is so big. But let’s be honest , this kind of games are no way a one man show in meaningful time range. So I have one concept prepared in my drawer. But without resources I leave it there until I have some . Here you can read story of Clash of Clans company Supercell and see for yourself that this approach( to leave it until I have  resources) is good one.

What game am I able to make ? A small one. The last game I published had quite low count of assets and I did make 125 levels.

This time I decided to take another approach , so I will make much more assets and the kind of game will be endless runner with a little twist of developing character. I know that there are many endless runners out there but I always wanted to make one so this is it . Hopefully somebody will like it.

I need main theme . I thought a lot about this and the end decision is fish. Yes fish will be the main character and the fish will swim and that’s it :))). I need some kind of obstacles and some kind of points logic , but you sure can imagine how endless runner works.  Just think up a name and I can start. The name may change during process so I reveal it right before launch , but name isn’t so important. Important is to start. I already started unity project and registered app in iTunes Connect and Google Play , if you don’t know how to do it just google it :))). Both platforms are very well documented , you also need developer accounts on these platforms and here you are, you have to pay for them but I hope nobody thought it would be completely free hmm ?  Next time you will see some first characters.

And note to my self : much shorter posts in the future with more pictures.

See you.

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