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Soooo Easter is over. Back to train project.


   In this post I would like to write about technologies I use. Nowadays it’s very easy to make a game with no sources. Don’t listen to many blogs out there, where you read that you need Millinillion (this is real number 🙂 click on it 🙂 dollars to develop decent game.

   The only thing you need is your time and devotion . Everything else you can get for free. When I am choosing some tool I read a lot of reviews and comparisons , and only if I am satisfied, I check pricing. So here are tools I use. In game development the main tool would probably be game engine. My choice was Unity.

   As I work on both Mac and PC, it’s nice thing that this one works well on both. You should be able to code in c#. Not my first choice of programming language but … 🙂 .

   You also will need some basic Visual Studio on PC . There are millions of tutorial on how to make games in unity so just study 😉 .

   Next you will need something for making your graphic . But remember you have no money yet 🙂 .

   So I use Inkscape for 2d vector graphic gimp for pictures and blender for 3d graphic and animations . All of them you may run on Mac and PC. You also will need some kind of sound processing software I use either tools that Mac OS provides or Audacity in PC .

   Also you will need some free pictures or sounds or music. For that i mostly use this two sites pictures and music and sound. More about that you will be able to find in my attribution section. There you will see which sources i was really using  in my projects.

That’s all. You are set . You are able to develop a game now. :))).

   Thank you and see you soon with really first thing i will do on my project.

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