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Hi all . You haven`t heard from me  for a long time. Maybe you ask what`s taking him so long. The answer is very simple .


   So I tried and tried again , I watched million videos  on how to do it.  And still nothing. So I decided to buy some. As you remember I have no budget, but I found some very nice models which are very cheap on this site 3D MODELS and this is artists who`s models o like the most MISAY. My plan was to buy one model and modify it to have many . So I contacted the artist if it`s possible and yeeey it was. So I purchase this one  very nice fish. I imported it nicely in blender and everything works as expected. So if you have some money and are as  inexperienced  in making graphic assets as I am , go for it just hire someone to do them or buy everything you need .
I don’t have this option so I wanted to use one model to make more and here it comes, there is a but , but not so small there is big BUT and even bigger than that. To change the model you must know what you are doing , which I am not. So if I wanted to use the model as is , the buying one would be the way but if I want to change it I must learn blender anyway and it`s better to make my own model from scratch where I would understand how it`s done. So no shortcuts for me. I have to learn how to model.

AAAAAAAnd back to struggle.

See you in next post.

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