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first things first

So what is this ?

Some kind of programmer diary. I am iOS developer by day and in my day job I code bank applications, so you are able to feel the stereotype. Don`t get me wrong I love to code. Whatever. But I need challenge. I am so called settled. I have two kids and wonderful wife. I have house in the hearth of small town in east Slovakia. So as you can see I don`t have much time for my project. So let`s call them the train projects , as most work is done in train as I travel to and from work.

I decided to write this blog about this for all you out there that are thinking that your life is over as you are stuck in nine to five job without possibility to change things.

OK, why games ? I don`t know o have quite solid programming background , but no graphic abilities 🙂 . So I consider it a challenge. I have list of games I always wanted to make . So I am checking them one by one. One is already published so take a look if you wish. You are able to do so here in published section.

One more thing to finish this kick off post . English is my second language so please be patient with me.

Next time I will write about technologies I will use so you will be able to see that I am really on a budget here :))

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