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You haven`t hear a long time about me . Didn`t know what to write. I had a lot of work in my day job , and after that I was to tired to do something about my small train project.

Than I have ton take down my only published game from europe stores because of gdpr you can read about that bureaucratic (sh*^%) staff here EU GDPR.

So I decided to fix this first , so I had to go through various laws and write some privacy policy staff and also terms and conditions staff, feel free to copy some of them if you need something like that.

As I don’t track anything in my apps I had to implement only some screen to take consent from user regarding adds, and also some possibility to optin and out for the user. By this I also updated some adds related stuff. As you see this has nothing to do with fun.

So it took me a long time to manage. There were also some other issues , for example I forgot my passwords for deployment to google play so I needed to make new and also new everything. I hate this things, but it`s part of process.

I am in dark place still I wanted to do all this much quicker , but …. I also decided to update my old game, which I published about four years ago. So my fishy endless runner have to wait little bit more.

Also, I was on vacation. That was nice.

See you guys next time.

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