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Roddy is back

Hello again.

I wasn`t able to write anything for a long time. Ok, I was able, but I procrastinated the whole time .

So what`s new. I lost my temper with  the fish project so I decided to cut it. 🙂 . Yeah Yeah I know. But really, I do it all in my free time so , when something isn`t fun, I cut it off and this one was one of this no fun projects. Off course I wanted to deploy something on stores , so I managed to make one simple game (also with fishes :)) but it`s 2D . Basically just a simple game , mainly for children. You may find it on my published page. After that I was dedicating my time to my family. Needed time to think what next.

Soo this is my decision.

There is one game in my mind for a long time . It`s quite big for one developer slash 3d designer slash everything else you need to be when you are baking a game. And that`s the reason why  this game was only in my mind for so long. But now I decided not to make any compromises and I will make this game. It will take very long time , but … you know I like it soo 🙂 .

Soo no more simple games I am going to make a big one . I also decided to divide the whole thing into smaller playable chunks so I can deploying them to the stores before the whole game is done. I will not write about the game for now. Just one thing Roddy is back 🙂 . Also I know that nobody reads this but maybe , when the game is successful , somebody will come here, and this blog will motivate him regardless every obstacles in life.

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